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WeatherCat version 1.1.1 and later offers support for the Fine Offset WH1080/2080 range of stations. WeatherCat version 1.1.4 adds support for WH3080 stations (solar/U.V.). These are USB based stations and do not require a USB to serial converter or driver.

To use one of these stations with WeatherCat, please select either the WH1080 station driver (for 1080/2080's) or the WH3080 station driver in the communications setup window.

Notes: It is currently not possible for WeatherCat to distinguish between these stations (they all use the same U.S.B. I.D.'s) - if you select the wrong driver the data will not be extracted properly from the data logger. Secondly, if your station did not come with a ferrite clamp on the USB cable, do install one - this can help prevent the console locking up.


These stations are sold under various brand names and part numbers. Some examples include: Ambient Weather WS-1080, WS-1090, WS-2080, Maplin N96GY/FY, Clas Ohlson (36-3242), Watson W-8681, Watson W-8681-SOLAR, Velleman WS 1080, Digitech XC0348.

Hardware Differences

From a software interface point of view, these stations are the same but the hardware may differ significantly between products.

The WH1080 is a touch screen station with radio controlled clock.

The WH1081 is the same as the WH1080 but lacks the radio controlled clock.

The WH1090 is the same as a 1080 but uses a radio frequency of 915MHz instead of 433MHz.

The WH2080 has buttons and a radio controlled clock

The WH2081 is the same as the WH2080 but lacks the radio controlled clock.

The WH3080 has solar and U.V. index readouts on the console.

The WH3081 is the same as the WH3080 but lacks the radio controlled clock.

WS1080-1.jpg WH1080 WS2080.jpg WH2080 WH3080.jpg WH3080

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