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          <rev user="Admin" timestamp="2023-04-19T20:00:38Z" comment="" xml:space="preserve">'''WeatherCat Wiki'''

Welcome to the WeatherCat Wiki. 

This is an ongoing project to document  [ WeatherCat]  with the intention of creating a useful resource for WeatherCat users.

This is a community wiki and as such anybody can add and edit content. 

If you see a subject you think you can contribute to, or a subject area missing you think you could help add, please [ email the webmaster] to register for an account on the wiki then add or edit the content.

Finally, for help with using MediaWiki, please see [ MediaWiki Help]


Top Level Pages:
*[ WeatherCat Manual] (PDF)
*[[Installation And Requirements]]
*[[Moving a WeatherCat installation from one computer to another]]
*[[Web Pages]]
*[[WeatherCat Clients]]
*[[Weather Station Hardware]]
*[[Station Setup]]
*[[Station Maintenance]]
*[[Weather data submission services]]

*[[WeatherCat miscellaneous tips and hints]]
*[[General Macintosh and other computing tips and hints]]
*[[WeatherCat Webtags with Cumulus Equivalents]]
*[[Steel Series Gauges]]
*[[Release Notes]]


*[[Brief introduction to creating wiki material and references on wiki formatting]]</rev>