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Information on AWEKAS and WeatherCat

One service that WeatherCat can submit weather data to is Automatic Weather Map System (AWEKAS).

WeatherCat can submit data to AWEKAS through the use of a special web template. Follow the instructions below to submit data to AWEKAS:

1. You must have a custom website set up using the "On line" > "Custom Web" tab in WeatherCat preferences. To do this you will need space on an internet server. Set ftp upload time for 10-15 minutes. It is possible to just upload the info for AWEKAS without publishing an entire web page.

2. Download the WeatherCat web template file. If you are using metric units download this file: awekas_wl_metric.txt (Right click and "Save linked file as".) If you are using Imperial (American) units download this file: awekas_wl_imperial.txt (Right click and "Save linked file as".)

3. Rename whichever file you downloaded to "awekas_wl.htm" (or "awekas_wl.html") and place the file in your WeatherCat HTML source folder.

4. If you are using units other than metric or Imperial (such as nautical units) you will need to alter the units in the last few lines of the file:

Here is a list of the available units that may be used. Make sure that it is the same units as your hardware reports:

23th Line) Measurement unit temperature ( (degree sign)C or F )
24th Line) Measurement unit humidity (%)
25th Line) Measurement unit wind speed (km/hr , m/s, mph )
26th Line) Measurement unit air pressure (hPa , in)
27th Line) Measurement unit precipitation (mm, in)
28th Line) Measurement unit solar (W/m² )
29th Line) Measurement unit rain rate (mm/hr, in/hr)

This should be self-explanatory.

If you don't have Solar or UV sensors, the gauges will return zero, there is no need to delete the tags for Solar and UV in this template.

5. Register for AWEKAS if you haven't already done so. You can register at the AWEKAS Registration page. For this web template to work, set your report mode as "Davis Weather Link (HTX template) in the user settings .

6. Set the path to the uploaded file in the "Path to the data file" field

7. After allowing WeatherCat to go through a web-update cycle, use the "Test data file" button at the bottom of the user settings page to ensure all is working. Allow a bit of time for AWEKAS to pick up your uploaded file.

Caveats: Note: Unfortunately the "Current Conditions" field in WeatherCat can not be uploaded to AWEKAS automatically and must be entered in manually on the AWEKAS home page under "Community" > "Report your weather"

AWEKAS Troubleshooting tips

  • If you want to submit data to AWEKAS more often than you upload to your own custom web site, you can use the Additional Files option under the WeatherCat Custom Web preference tab to submit only the AWEKAS template file at a more rapid submission interval than your other web pages.
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