Capacity of the Davis data-logger to store weather data depending on the chosen sampling interval

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The data-logger used in Davis Vantage Pro-2 and Vantage Vue weather stations can hold 2560 records, presented as 512 blocks of 5 records each. This is where the 512 number comes from when you observe WeatherCat downloading data from your Davis station. This capacity results in the Davis station being able to store data even when your computer isn't running. Depending on your sampling interval, your station can go unattended for a considerable length of time. Below is a table of how long your station can go unattended for a given sampling interval:

Sample Interval Capacity of logger in time
1 minute 1 day and 20 hours
5 minutes 8 days and 21 hours
10 minutes 17 days and 18 hours
15 minutes 26 days and 16 hours
30 minutes 53 days and 8 hours
1 hour 106 days and 16 hours
2 hours 213 days and 8 hours
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