Disabling Growl notifications when not desired (such as on vacation)

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The WeatherCat supplementary AppleScripts make extensive use of the Growl notification system. This is very convenient - until - you would prefer not to have these displays (such as going on vacation or say watching entertainment on your Mac.) It is fairly awkward to disable the notifications either within the AppleScripts or for each script within Growl. Fortunately, there is a simpler alternative. For Growl 1.2.2 simply check the Hide all notifications within the Growl preference-pane as shown below:

Growl Vacation Switch.jpg

As long as this is checked, no Growl notifications will be displayed. If you use the Growl menu bar control, it will be greyed out to show you that Growl notifications are disabled. To restore normal Growl operations, uncheck the same box.

Oddly, Growl 1.3 and later no longer have this feature and there doesn't appear to be any way completely turn off notifications. Fortunately, the new Rollup feature is in some senses even better - providing a user-defined history of Growl notifications without cluttering up your screen. So if you are needing to go away for a time with Growl 1.3 make sure that the rollup feature is enabled as shown below:

Growl 1.3 Rollup pane.png

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