How to clear the data logger in a Weather Envoy using Davis WeatherLink software for Mac

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Davis recommends that you leave your console in setup mode when performing maintenance of your weather instruments. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent way to prevent erroneous data from getting onto a data logger that is installed in a Weather Envoy. However, there is a simple alternative. After all maintenance is complete, you can clear the data logger using the WeatherLink for Mac software that came with the data logger. Unfortunately, Davis's terminology is a bit confusing so here is the procedure. Launch WeatherLink for Mac and confirm that WeatherLink is connected to your Envoy. If you have never used WeatherLink before you may have to go through the Walkthrough procedure as described in the WeatherLink manual.

Once you are indeed connected to your Weather Envoy, select Clear from the Setup menu as shown below:

WeatherLink Setup Menu.png

This will bring you to the following dialog box. Check the option Clear Archive Memory as shown in the dialog box below:

Clearing Davis data logger with WeatherLink.png

When you press Ok, this will clear the data logger so that any erroneous data from your maintenance work does not get put into the WeatherCat database.

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