How to reset a Davis WeatherLinkIP™ data logger and other troubleshooting tips

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Davis WeatherLinkIP™ data logger

This page refers to the original Davis WeatherLinkIP™ data logger (product number 6555), which has been discontinued and which is NOT the same thing as the currently marketed Davis WeatherLink Live wireless logger.

What goes wrong?

Sometimes, the buffer in the WeatherLinkIP™ data logger (hereinafter referred to as the Logger) gets "stuck." When this occurs, WeatherCat will start recording multiple, consecutive Comms Errors. Depending on how long the Logger buffer has been stuck, you may even see thousands of Comms Errors in the Cat. When this happens, you will still see the status light on the Logger itself flashing green, indicating data is being sent from the Vantage console. However, no data is being received by your Mac. The WeatherCat Log available under Tools will indicate the various weather data components are not ready. In order to clear the buffer you have to reset the Logger.

How to reset the Logger (in 20 easy steps)

  1. On the Davis console press DONE and the minus button (-) at the same time.
    • This will enter setup mode on the console and the screen will display RECEIVING FROM.
  2. Press the BAR button and release.
    • This will change the screen to display SERIAL BAUD RATE 19200.
  3. Turn the console over and remove the battery cover.
  4. Remove one battery.
    • The easiest way to do this is to pull back on the second battery, relieving pressure on the first battery.
    • You will then be able to easily remove the first battery.
  5. Unplug the AC power cable from the rear of the console.
  6. Remove the ethernet cable from the Logger.
  7. Remove the Logger from the console.
    • It is difficult to remove the Logger. Grip it where indicated on the Logger and wiggle.
    • Eventually, it will loosen up and come out.
    • You can use a pair of long nose pliers to assist if your grip strength gives out before the Logger pins do.
    • If you do use pliers, be careful, and only grip where indicated. You will still need to wiggle the Logger back and forth to induce it to release its grip.
  8. Make sure all 10 pins are still straight and none are bent from your over-achieving wiggling.
  9. Wait 2 minutes.
  10. Re-insert the Logger, making sure to press down firmly to properly seat the pins.
  11. Re-attach the ethernet cable to the Logger.
  12. Re-attach the AC power cable to the console.
    • The console should beep 3 times.
    • The console should then power up to the screen displaying RECEIVING FROM.
  13. Press the BAR button and release.
    • This will change the screen to display SERIAL BAUD RATE 19200.
  14. Press and hold the DONE button until the console exits Setup mode and returns to normal display (about 3 seconds).
    • The console will start to display weather data after a minute or so.
    • It may take a few minutes before the console responds to you pressing its buttons. This is normal (as we hope you are).
  15. Reinsert the battery.
  16. Attach the battery cover door.
  17. Wait for WeatherCat to finish uploading historical data from the Logger.
    • If you are still one of the diehards uploading data to WeatherUnderground and wishing it was still as good as it was in the old days, which is is not and likely never will be, also wait for WeatherCat to complete uploading historical data to WU.
    • You can follow all this historical uploading by opening the Log from Tools (in WeatherCat).
  18. Restart WeatherCat.
    • Restarting the Cat will clear the Comms Errors accumulator and provide a fresh restart of the software.
  19. Thank your lucky stars you are using the best weather software available for macOS.
  20. Enjoy!
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