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Discussion: WeatherCat Integration Forum

Apple Scripts: Edouard Lagache has made available various AppleScripts that work with WeatherCat (extensive documentation is provided) - the latest release is 30th April 2012. As of this time, the facilities provided include:

WC ET Reporter - An AppleScript tool for computing and reporting Evapotranspiration data from WeatherCat
WC Status Growler - An AppleScript tool for reporting the status of WeatherCat via Growl
WC Storm Monitor - An AppleScript tool for generating wind and rainfall alerts from WeatherCat
WC temperature rising and WC temperature falling - Two AppleScripts to create Growl notifications from WeatherCat temperature alerts.
WC Twitter Uploader - An AppleScript extension to WeatherCat to upload data to Twitter.
WC Web Data Uploader - An AppleScript extension to WeatherCat to upload data to several weather upload Websites (These services include British Weather Observations Website (WoW), the PWS-Weather network, and the WeatherBug online community).
WC Zambretti Forecaster - An AppleScript to generate forecasts from WeatherCat current conditions.

See WeatherCat Scripts *BETA* of 2012-04-30 for more details and download.

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