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Meteobridge and WeatherCat

Strictly speaking, Meteobridge is not a weather station at all. It is instead software that runs on either TP-LINK router TL-MR3020 or a TP-LINK router TL-MR3040 that changes these devices into dedicated weather data upload machines. There is a general description of how these devices work and additional background information on the following thread on the WeatherCat forum:

General information on Meteobridge - Pros and Cons

At this time, only one weather station brand is known to work with Meteobridge and WeatherCat: the Davis Vantage Pro-2 an Vue line. If you want to try to run Meteobridge on another model check with the [WeatherCat forum]. In order to use Meteobridge with a Davis station you will need a USB data logger and connect that to the Meteobridge. Then you need to connect WeatherCat to the Meteobridge as an Internet device on your home local area network. You can use the WeatherCat Davis IP data logger driver to do this. WeatherCat will recognize the Meteobridge as if it was a Davis IP data logger. It is recommended that you assign your Meteobridge a static IP address on your home area network.

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