Moving a WeatherCat installation from one computer to another

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There are times when it is necessary to relocate your WeatherCat installation from one computer to another. If you are upgrading your Macinitosh the OS-X you can use the migration assistant that comes with OS-X to do this for you automatically. Otherwise you can follow this procedure.

  1. Place a copy of the WeatherCat application folder in the target computer's Application folder.
  2. If you are running OS X 10.7 or later, the Library folder is hidden. You can make it visible again via the following terminal command:chflags nohidden ~/Library/
  3. Copy the following folders from the source computer to the target computer, placing them in exactly the same file location as on your source computer: ~/Library/WeatherCatData, ~/Library/WeatherCatBackups, ~/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatCustomWeb, ~/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatMedia, ~/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatTemp, ~/Library/Application Support/WeatherCatWeb, ~/Library/Preferences/com.trixology.weathercat.plist (where ~ is your home directory). Not all of these folders may be present depending on your WeatherCat configuration.
  4. If you are using any integration software (for example WeatherCat AppleScripts) you must copy them from your source to target computer and place them in the same directory structure as you have on your source computer.
  5. Finally you must move your files associated with your custom website if you have one running. Usually this means moving a folder with a name like: WC Custom Web Templates and a corresponding folder that by default is called: WeatherCatCustomWeb The default location for WeatherCatCustomWeb is ~/Library/Application Support, but since you can set these locations for your computer, you must move these folder to the same location as where you had decided to place them on the source computer for the target computer's installation to work properly.

This should be sufficient to allow you to move your WeatherCat installation from one computer to another. However, most WeatherCat users customize their setups so that additional files may be necessary on the target computer than what has been listed here. Use common sense and your past experience when migrating WeatherCat.

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