Obtaining the latest drivers for use with Davis data loggers

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Unfortunately, Davis instruments tends to fall behind on providing software drivers that work with the latest versions of OS-X. If you are having difficulties connecting to your station using WeatherCat, consult with the WeatherCat support forum to determine which version of drivers are needed and where to obtain them.

Frequently, it is necessary to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer of the interface hardware used by Davis: Silicon Labs. As before, check with the WeatherCat forum to be sure you are obtaining the correct drivers for your computer, operating system, and Davis station. The link to the download page at Silicon labs has been for some time: USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers. Scroll down until you see the drivers for OS-X. The page also includes a link to software revision notes that may assist you in determining if you are downloading the correct drivers.

Note: Installing the Silicon Labs driver directly is at your own risk as it is not supplied by Davis.

Follow the instructions for downloading and installing the drivers. System Preferences may need to be changed to allow the installation of the drivers, as Administration permissions are required. Upon successful installation, the system will need to be rebooted manually.

After installing the drivers, WeatherCat should be able to successfully connect to your Davis station data logger. Be sure to restart the system if any hardware connections are changed.

Note: This document is adapted from one originally published on the Lightsoft Weather Center LWC Forum in 2010.

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