Retain rain and evapotranspiration data when replacing your old Davis console with a new one

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When you replace one Davis console (either Vue or Vantage Pro2) with another one, your MTD and YTD rain and evapotranspiration data will not be present on your new console. (Evapotranspiration data requires a solar radiation sensor.) You can easily remedy this by calibrating those fields on your new console.

You can set the following variables on your new console:

  • Daily Rain — Sets the daily rain total. Monthly and yearly rain totals are updated.
  • Monthly Rain — Sets the total rain for the current month. Does not affect the yearly rain total.
  • Yearly Rain — Sets the current year’s rain total.
  • Daily ET (Evapotranspiration) — Sets the daily ET total. Monthly and yearly ET totals are updated.
  • Monthly ET— Sets the current month’s ET. Does not affect yearly total.
  • Yearly ET — Sets the current year’s total ET.

To set a weather variable’s value on your new console:

  1. Select the variable you wish to change.
  2. Press and release 2ND, then press and hold SET. The variable blinks.
  3. Keep holding SET until all digits are lit and only one digit is blinking.
  4. Press the < or > keys to select digits in the value.
  5. Press the + and - keys to add to or subtract from the selected digit.
  6. When you are finished, press DONE to exit.
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