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18:17, 9 June 2012Wunderground upload status.jpg (file)78 KBElagache (WeatherCat status window with Weather Underground upload submissions data highlighted)1
23:10, 3 May 2012Reveal in finder.jpg (file)109 KBElagache (Reveal a crash report in the Finder from the console application)1
23:08, 3 May 2012Console messages.jpg (file)72 KBElagache (Drawer of Console application open to crash reports for WeatherCat )1
23:07, 3 May 2012Console application.jpg (file)348 KBElagache (A screenshot of the console application open to the system.log file.)1
19:41, 2 May 2012PortsCustomServicesAfter 101.jpg (file)27 KBThe Grand Poohbah (Revised)1
19:38, 2 May 2012PortsCustomServicesAfter.jpg (file)27 KBThe Grand Poohbah (Reverted to version as of 18:36, 2 May 2012)5
20:16, 18 April 2012AddressReservation.jpg (file)21 KBThe Grand Poohbah (Netgear N600 (WNDR 2700v2))1
20:08, 18 April 2012Settings Network yourname 320.jpg (file)13 KBThe Grand Poohbah (
20:06, 18 April 2012Settings Network 320.jpg (file)13 KBThe Grand Poohbah (
19:28, 18 April 2012Settings Network.jpg (file)32 KBThe Grand Poohbah (The Network settings in the WeatherCat iOS Client.)1
21:16, 17 April 2012CustomCGI.png (file)148 KBAdmin 1
23:00, 15 April 2012Active Banner background.jpg (file)10 KBElagache (Final image of Active Banner including the text permanently included on the edge and the formatting lines for the weather data text.)1
22:56, 15 April 2012Banner background.jpg (file)10 KBElagache (Finalized image of active banner including the text and formatting lines.)1
22:54, 15 April 2012Scaled and chopped.jpg (file)12 KBElagache (Final scaling and chopping used in my active banner image.)1
22:51, 15 April 2012Scale-trim diagram.jpg (file)72 KBElagache (Illustration of cropping strategy so that you end up with an active banner that is right dimensions and includes the background photo elements you want in your active banner)1
22:49, 15 April 2012Rotated and trimmed.jpg (file)44 KBElagache (Manipulation of image to be made into an active banner. Image has been rotated to make anemometer past vertical and trimmed to set left and right edges.)1
22:46, 15 April 2012Original to selection.jpg (file)81 KBElagache (Demonstration of selection technique in creation of an active banner)1
22:43, 15 April 2012Original image.jpg (file)76 KBElagache (Image used to make a WeatherCat active banner)1
22:41, 15 April 2012Active banner.jpg (file)22 KBElagache (Completed active banner)1
09:58, 15 April 2012WeatherCat100.png (file)17 KBWCDev 1
09:52, 15 April 2012WeatherCat155.png (file)29 KBWCDev 1
09:23, 15 April 2012PoohBahiOSClient1.png (file)101 KBWCDev 1
09:12, 15 April 2012LinkSysE3200WCClientPortForwarding.png (file)56 KBWCDev (WeatherCat client port forwarding setup - LinkSys E3200)1

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