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Poohbah Industries iOS Client for iPad is a paid client available from the iTunes App store that is designed specifically to take advantage of the enhanced display options of an iPad. Visit iOS Client for iPad page on the iTunes app store for more information. the The following is a quick overview of the features provided by this application.

Main settings for WeatherCat iPad: In order to run this client, it is necessary made a few adjustments so that the data is displayed in the units desired, the client has a connection to the Mac running WeatherCat and so on. This is accomplished by clicking on the Settings button:

WeatherCatPad - Settings.png

Setting the units and update rate is intuitive. There are two possible modes of connecting with the Mac running WeatherCat. If you intend to run this application only within a local area network, then leave the setting at the top to local. If you would like to access your personal weather station data from anywhere, you'll need to set up an internet connection. To do this, refer to the How Do I Use The WeatherCat Client Program? in the WeatherCat manual. There is additional information on how to do this on the WeatherCat forum.

To be continued . . . .

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