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# [[Weather Underground]]
# [[Weather Underground]]
# Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP)
# [[Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP)]]
# Automatic Weather Map System (AWEKAS)
# [[Automatic Weather Map System (AWEKAS)]]
# UK Met Office Weather Observations Website (WoW)
# UK Met Office Weather Observations Website (WoW)
# PWS Weather
# PWS Weather

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Internet-based weather services which you can submit weather data to using WeatherCat

WeatherCat can be used to upload weather data from your location to a number of services via the Internet. These include:

  1. Weather Underground
  2. Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP)
  3. Automatic Weather Map System (AWEKAS)
  4. UK Met Office Weather Observations Website (WoW)
  5. PWS Weather
  6. WeatherBug

Click on the service above for more information on these services and how to use WeatherCat to upload data to them.

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