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      <page pageid="74" ns="0" title="Release Notes">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">===V3.2.0 - 22nd April 2023 ===

1. Added initial WeatherLinkLive support. 

2. Custom text windows, Twitter, Banner generator, video preview and basic gauges windows will no longer appear in the Windows menu when they shouldn't.

3. Added a 3 second webcam capture period, previous minimum was 5 seconds.

4. Admin emails are now defaulted to on for fresh installs

5. Fixed a bug whereby numbers between -1 and 1  would always be displayed as 1 in the summary report to the log window as each sample is taken.

6. Added initial macOS notifications support - startup, shutdown and custom alerts are sent to the notification system. Note that the alert text will be truncated by the notification system and you can turn off and change the style of the alerts via the Notifications System Preferences. Notifications can be switched off and on from WeatherCat's preferences (Advanced pane)

7. Minimum period for WeatherCloud is now 1 minute (down from 10).

8. Temperatures in annual weather record emails are now reported to 1 decimal point, previously was 2.

9. Temperatures in all-time weather record emails are now reported to 1 decimal point, previously was 2.

10. Now built with Xcode 14, no change in earliest OS we can run on (10.9 or later).

11. Twitter - temperatures are now displayed to 1 decimal place, previously it was an integer.

12. If all station data is deleted, we now also delete the rain and snow edit data (Preferences-&gt;Location/Colours-&gt;Delete Data).

13. Fixed an issue with inconsistent AM/PM designators across the interface.

14. Fixed a small leak in the Log window.

15. Update to German localisation courtesy of Reinhard.

===V3.1.3 - 5th March 2022 ===
:1. Removed Wunderground webcam functionality as Wunderground announced discontinuance of the webcam service 21 Oct 2021 – ).
:2. Fix a warning shown on first launch on macOS 12 that WeatherCat needs to be updated (this is a Python 2 deprecation notice – if running on macOS 12 or later we now use Python 3 – see note below)
:3. Fix for an issue where the background on basic gauges would always be white irrespective of the colour set in the preferences on macOS 11 or later.
:4. Fix a crash that could happen when initialising the camera.

Note that from version 3.1.3 onwards, and if running on macOS 12, WeatherCat requires Python 3 to be installed on your system for some of its functionality. You may be asked to install it via a dialog box (this will only happen once) – this [ video] shows the process.

===V3.1.2 - 7th February 2021 ===
:1. Fix for banner generator not generating banners on macOS 11

:2. Fix for custom text windows custom web uploads not working on macOS 11

:3. Work around for flickering basic gauges on macOS 11, client also updated.

===V3.1.1 - 8th November 2020 ===
:1. Fix AppleScript SetQuery broken if value returned is 1000 or greater and grouping separator is in use on the system - visible for example as pressure being broken on Twitter if units are hPa or mBar with values of 1000 or above.

:2. Fix pressure being broken in export if units are hPa or mBar and grouping separator in use on the system.

:3. Correct spelling of 'Drier' in monthly summary tag (thanks to Steve for the spot).

===V3.1.0 - 16th October 2020 ===

:1. If solar radiation is present on the station, it is now displayed on the camera overlay.

:2. Fixed an issue where custom graph web-tag may be clipped when more than 9 custom graphs are present.

:3. Custom Alerts are now checked every two seconds, was five seconds previously.

:4. Fixed a bug whereby it was very difficult to enter temperature offsets into calibration window if temperature units were set to Fahrenheit.

:5. The number of RCP requests in the last hour are now displayed in the status window.

:6. Updated the button links in Wunderground preferences.

:7. You can now add a camera key to the Wunderground preferences for web-cam uploads.

:8. We now indicate password/i.d. error for Wunderground if there’s a problem with the station I.D. or password rather than a generic ‘Error’.

:9. WeatherCat now honours the number grouping separator (for example 1,023 versus 1023) as set in the System Preferences-&gt;Language And Region-&gt;Advanced in places where it makes sense (not years for example).

:10. Added an AWEKAS uploader (  (Preferences-&gt;Online-&gt;Additional Services)

:11. Added an FTPS option to the ‘Advanced’ pane of WeatherCat’s preferences.

:12. Netatmo: Channel changes required to upload gust to on-line services. NOTE: If you are running a Netatmo, please check any custom graphs, gauges and current conditions rules as the channels may have changed.

:13. Fixed an issue in the SQL driver whereby the progress bar would not be displayed when uploading historical data.  We now also show how long uploading of historical data will take and also how many transactions per second during upload of historical data.

:14. Documentation update.

===V3.0.5 - 28 December 2019 ===

: 1. In monthly report, we now print temperatures to 2 decimal places - was 1.
: 2 Fixed a potential crash in the SQL driver.
: 3 Fix a crash when Simple Web 'Test Web Pages Locally' button pressed.

===V3.0.4 - 26 January 2019 ===

: 1. Netatmo: Improved server connection failure handling and reconnection. Also improved token expiry handling to avoid latency when token expires.

: 2. On station comms fail, we no longer show the message to check the USB connections if the station is IP based. 

: 3. Fixed some alignment issues with dock update time in preferences.

: 4. WeatherLink IP and Vantage station drivers - we now check and correct the station clock at 03:05, previously it was at 00:05 (if option is enabled in Station Hardware Options).

: 5. Custom web processing has been re-architected to increase the processing speed. The actual speed up seen over V3.0.3 will depend on the computer - a more powerful computer will show more of a speed up than a less powerful one when processing identical templates.

: 6. Simple web processing speeded up as per custom web.  

: 7. Fixed some threading issues.

: 8. Changed comms fail message so it doesn't show 'May need to restart computer' if station doesn't use a serial to USB driver.

: 9. Tidied up the dock update time preferences for alignment.

: 10. Custom scrolling graphs now have a maximum period of 56 days, previously 28.

: 11. WeatherLink IP station driver now explicitly logs to WeatherCat's log window when it disconnects hourly to allow the logger to upload historical data (if allowed in the Station Hardware Options). In addition, the hourly disconnect period has been increased to the recommended 1 minute (up from 20 seconds). 

: 12. Latest Italian translation updates courtesy of Federico Paoletti.

===V3.0.3 - 28 October 2018 ===
: 1. Maintenance update to address an issue where WeatherCat may hang on download of data from your data logger.

===V3.0.2 - 6 October 2018 ===
: 1. Fixed an issue with display of coordinates in NOAA style reports.

: 2. Removed WeatherBug support as the service has shut down. See for details

: 3. Potential fix for an issue where heat index may display incorrectly on monthly report.

: 4. Fix an issue where custom gauges may not render for custom web pages.

: 5. Updates for macOS 10.14 as follows:
:: a). Fix an issue where the historical download bar may not progress during the download from your logger.
:: b). Fix an issue where the application icon may not render correctly.

===V3.0.1 - 5 May 2018 ===
: 1. This is a maintenance update to fix an issue with high CPU usage that may happen on some installs if the webcam is not in use.

===V3.0.0 - 18 March 2018 ===
: 1. Added a rich client protocol interface. 
: This interface runs over http and supports the following functionality: discovery, data retrieval, web-tag processing,  images (graphs, webcam etc) and help. See the release notes available from the Help menu in WeatherCat for details.

: 2. Movie functionality has been rewritten and expanded. 
: As well as the normal hourly movies, WeatherCat can now also create a true 24 hour time-lapse movie. This movie is updated hourly throughout the day and can be uploaded to your website with a new web-tag on an hourly basis. The format of the generated movies has been changed from Quicktime (.mov) to H.264 (.mp4) and an inter-frame dissolve option added. Daily movies are now also archived at ~/Movies/WeatherCatMovies in a year/month hierarchy. You can access the new functionality via the Webcam pane of WeatherCat's preferences. 

: Webcam/movie changes as follows:
:: a.  Hourly movies are now created at the end of the hour on a background thread. Previously they were created on the main thread. These are smaller than the hourly movies created previously (for the same quality).

:: b.  Webcam: 'Disable webcam uploads at night' relabelled to 'Disable webcam at night'. If this option is selected, the webcam will stop capturing 1 hour after sunset and restart 1 hour before sunrise. Previously it would just stop webcam related uploads.

:: c. Added a DAILY_MOVIE$ tag which will upload the daily time-lapse movie on the first custom web run after the movie is created. If WeatherCat isn't running at that time, then no upload will take place. The file uploaded by this tag is called 'WeatherCatDailyMovie.mp4'. The daily movie is created every hour as the day progresses. 

:: d. The custom web tag 'MOVIE$' now uploads a file called 'WeatherCat1hrMovie.mp4', previously the file uploaded was called ''.

:: e. The webcam status in the 'Status' window now shows how many frames have been captured.

:: f. Daily movies (not 1 hour movies) are now archived at ~/Movies/WeatherCatMovies as they are created. Year and month folders will be created to aid organisation. There is a user configurable default to switch this on/and off (ArchiveMovies) but it isn't available in the UI yet. 

:: g. Added movie run-time length (default is 15 secs/hour) and inter-frame dissolve sliders (default is off) to the webcam preferences. Note that enabling inter-frame dissolve will increase the movie sizes significantly. 

:3 Auto-update functionality. 
: After installation, all updates are automatic from within the application itself. You will be notified of updates within the application and via email if enabled.

: 4. Added Custom Text Windows. 

: A custom text window is a window you can create and edit to have just the data you want in it. 

: Custom text windows (CTW's) can be found in the Tools menu. There can be an unlimited number of CTW's. On installation, example weekly and monthly windows are created and will appear the the CTW menu - these can be used as an example for building new CTW's.

: To create a CTW, use the Tools-&gt;Custom Text Window-&gt;New menu item.

: To delete a CTW, use the Tools-&gt;Custom Text Window-&gt;Delete menu item.

: To create items in a CTW, ctrl-click in the window. A pop-up menu lists items that can be added (the window name can also be set from this menu as well as other functionality).

: To edit an editable item, click it. To edit an items attributes (font, colour etc), first click the item to make it editable then ctrl-click in the item where a pop-up menu will list the available options.

: Multiple items can be selected by cmd-clicking items. Items can be dragged with the mouse or moved via the keyboard arrow keys by holding down the alt key whilst using the arrow keys (the window's title bar will indicate the coordinates of the item).

: Selected items can be copied with cmd-c. Items can be pasted with cmd-v (items can be copied and pasted between CTW's).
: Items can be cleared either by selecting delete this item in the  pop-up menu (for a single item) or using the Edit menu 'Clear' command when multiple items are selected.

: All items in a CTW can be selected with cmd-a. cmd-z will undo the last operation.

: The background image for a CTW can be set by dragging an image over the window.

: You can save a Custom Text Window (CTW) from its pop-up menu. Similarly, individual Custom Text Windows can be loaded from the Custom Text Window's menu (Tools-&gt;Custom Text Windows-&gt;File-&gt;Load... ).

: All CTW's can be saved and loaded as a set from the CTW menu (Tools-&gt;Custom Text Windows-&gt;File-&gt;Save Set.../Load Set...). 
: Note: loading a CTW set replaces your current CTW's with the CTW's in the set being loaded.

: 5 Added additional time specifiers for use in web tags.
:: a) Added an HRSAGO(x) time period specifier which will pull out a single value x hours ago - for example:
:: STAT$TEMPERATURE:HRSAGO(1)$ will return the temperature value an hour ago whereas STAT$TEMPERATURE:HRSAGO(0.5)$  will return the temperature value half an hour ago. 
:: This tag is useful for building things such as scrolling historical data-sets either for direct display (for example in a table) or further processing on the server (for example graph generation).
:: The upper limit on the parameter x is the start of your data set. Negative values or values off the start of your data-set will return 'N/A'. 

:: HRSAGO(x) can also be used in a STAT$ tag with an operation type of MIN/MAX/AVERAGE. This will pull out the minimum, maximum or average for the hour. Hours in this case refers to wall-clock hours, and not the 60 minutes x hours ago from the time of the call.  E.g. If the time is 21:50 and HRSAGO(24) is called, the data returned will be for the hour 21:00 to 21:59 24 hours ago.

:: Example: STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:HRSAGO(12)$ will return the maximum temperature for the hour 12 hours ago.

:: b) Added an DELTAHRS(x) time period specifier which will pull out the delta across the specified time period - for example:
:: STAT$TEMPERATURE:DELTAHRS(1)$ will return the temperature delta over the last hour whereas STAT$TEMPERATURE:DELTAHRS(0.5)$  will return the temperature delta over the last half an hour.

:: DELTA1 and DELTA24 are deprecated as of version 3. These tags are retained for backwards compatibility, but going forward new templates should use DELTAHRS(x).

:: Notes: The upper limit on the parameter x is the number of hours ago to the start of your data set. Negative values or values off the start of your data-set or in the future will return 'N/A'. 

:: c). Added RAINSTORM as a time specifier for STAT$ tags. The period of time specified by RAINSTORM is the period between a rain rate being detected and now. The rainstorm period ends when there has been 24 hours with no rain rate. If there is no rain storm period, the tag will display as 'N/A'.
:: E.G: 
:: will display the maximum temperature during the rain storm period or N/A if there is no rain storm period currently active. 

:: Note this tag is different to the Davis definition of a rain storm in that starts when the console detects 2 tips of the bucket rather than a rain rate being detected.

: 6. New Twitter functionality.
: When you first open the Twitter uploader (Tools-&gt;Twitter), a sheet will open where you'll need to enter your Twitter account details. Once done, the tool should then operate normally as the authentication data it receives from Twitter will be stored in your keychain and used for subsequent sessions. The Twitter uploader is compatible with Sylvester data and will load your default set of Tweets as well as loading any saved sets from Sylvester

: Should you wish to change the account you are posting from in the future, you'll need to delete the authorisation data from your keychain. To do this, quit WeatherCat, open Keychain access, search for 'WeatherCat Twitter' and delete it. Launch WeatherCat and open the Twitter uploader,  it will then ask you to sign in to Twitter again.

: 7. WeatherCat is now a 64 bit application.

===V2.4.4 - 30 October 2017 ===

: 1. Fixed an issue where the WeatherCat controller window may not update when running on macOS 10.13.1

===V2.4.3 - 14 October 2017 ===

: 1. Added soil temperature to the MeteoTemplate driver.

: 2. Fixed an issue where synthetic channels making average type STAT$ calls could drop to 0 on the hour.

===V2.4.2 - 15 April 2017 ===

: 1. Fixed an issue where a message ‘WeatherCatPlugInManager: err1’ might be logged on launch.

: 2. Davis Vantage and WeatherLink IP station drivers now report ‘Partly Cloudy’ in short forecasts rather than ‘Partially Cloudy’.

: 3. Added a Meteotemplate API driver (Tools-&gt;Meteotemplate). Please check the WeatherCat manual for details.

: 4. Documentation update.

===V2.4.1 - 28 December 2016 ===

: 1. Added support for the Columbia Weather Systems Weather Micro-server.
::	Notes: 
::	a). Enter the URL or IP address of the server. Do not append a page address to the URL.
::	b). Internal temperature and humidity will appear valid but will read 0 (as there is no internal sensors).
::	c). There is no historical data support. Data will be interpolated for periods when WeatherCat is not running.
::	d). The station is polled every 5 seconds.

: 2. We now tell the OS not to sleep whilst WeatherCat is running.

: 3. Fixed a crash that could happen in custom gauges on station hardware change.

: 4. Changed default imagery URL for channel 1 to as the old default had gone off-air.

===V2.4.0 - 3rd September 2016 ===

: 1. Added monthly record emails - these are emails that are specific to the current month - for example a new high temperature for May. We process for high and low temperature, high wind speed, high and low pressure, high solar radiation and high U.V. These monthly records are checked every three hours (the same for all record emails). 

: 2. Fixed an issue whereby if more than 1 record was broken in any three hour period, only the first record email would be sent.

: 3. We now show the percentage of packets sent versus acknowledgments in the WeatherCat status window for Wunderground, CWOP and custom CGI.

: 4. Added STTHISMONTHOV$ and STLASTMONTHOV$ web tags. These generate an over-view of either the current or last month in terms of comparison of select variables against long term averages. For example: 

 May so far has been
   Warmer than average (10.9°C versus an average of 10.4)
   Dryer than average (43.80 mm versus an average total of 60.64)
   Calmer than average (a wind run of 2554 miles versus an average of 3131) 

 April was
   Cooler than average (6.4°C versus an average of 7.9)
   Wetter than average (63.20 mm versus an average total of 47.98)
   Calmer than average (a wind run of 2185 miles versus an average of 3116) 

: Notes;
::   1. These tags, like all 'ST' type tags, output pre-formatted text, therefore the tag needs to be surrounded with PRE and /PRE tags (or equivalent).
::   2. These tags need at least 2 years of data to be able to compute the long term values for a given month - if there isn't enough data the tag will be replaced with text indicating there isn't enough data. Obviously the more years you have, the more accurate the long term average,
::   3. When computing the long term average for a month, the current month is NOT taken into account. The values given in STYEAROVERYEAR$ do take into account the current month.

: 5. Change default imagery URL for Europe from to 

: 6. Maximum period for Aux. FTP uploads increased from 1000 to 10000 minutes.

: 7. Vantage Vue station driver - attempt to remove the odd CRC error.

: 8. Fixed an issue introduced in V2.3.0 where some channels may not be generated on data export (annual rain for example).

: 9. Latest German strings courtesy of Reinhard Unterwurzacher.

: 10. Attempt a fix at an issue whereby auto-daily export may not export all the data for the previous day if WeatherCat was not running all the time.

: 11. We now send the current conditions to clients - the data is appended to the end of the current data set so should have no affect on older clients. Client comms version changed from 4 to 5 to indicate this change. 

: 12. Fixed an issue where daily rain on an anchored annual custom graph may be misaligned in time.

: 13. SQL driver - temperature type variables now use 2 decimal places resolution, previously was 1. SQL driver version goes to 1.0.3.

: 14. Sylvester (Twitter client for WeatherCat) is now built into WeatherCat. Launching of Sylvester is controlled by a tick box in the Misc 2 pane of WeatherCat's preferences (off by default). Old Sylvester's can be removed.

: 15. Fix a bug where daily wind run sent to clients would be 0 if units were km's.

: 16. Documentation/manual updated.

'''OS X Client'''
: 1. Preferences window was resizable - it shouldn't be.

: 2. Change in the connection mechanism - we no longer try to connect whilst launching, but will immediately after fully launched.

: 3. Current conditions are displayed in the title bar of the window when running with a version 2.4.0 (or later) WeatherCat.

===V2.3.1 - 29th May 2016 ===

: 1. Fix an issue where times could be incorrect on some tags.

: 2. Fix an issue where date pop-ups wouldn't update on month change on NOAA report. 

: 3. Fix an issue where dominant wind direction on NOAA reports could be wrong.

===V2.3.0 - 2nd April 2016 ===
: 1. We now interpolate additional temperature channels 1 to 4 if no data is available from logger (or there is no logger). Similarly for extra humidity channels 1 to 4.

: 2. Potential fix for cumulative rain custom graph with a fill crashing.

: 3. Whilst running live, on stations that output a daily rain value, we now check for the daily rain value falling when it shouldn't and make it the previous known good value.

: 4. Fixed an issue where a synthetic channel could return a large negative value on first start-up.

: 5. Fixed an issue where it was possible to select days in the future in the daily rain editor.

: 6. Added support for Netatmo stations. All data is supported with the exception of the sound data.
: Netatmo Notes: 
::	a). In the communications window in WeatherCat, select the Netatmo station type and enter your Netatmo log-in email and password to connect.
::	b). All devices are supported, including rain and anemometer.
::	c). 4 channels of CO2 are supported but note currently there is no CO2 specifier for the STAT$ tag.
::	d). Battery and wireless strength for all modules can be viewed in WeatherCat via Tools-&gt;Station Hardware Options. (Hovering over a battery indicator will indicate the remaining charge).
::	e). Suggested sampling rate in WeatherCat is 10 minutes, non adaptive (as this is the polling rate to the Netatmo servers). 
::	f). No historical data support - if WeatherCat isn't running for a while, data will be interpolated (with the exception of daily rain which will use the old value, resetting at midnight on first day of gap).
::	g).  Local weather alerts will be emailed if email is enabled in WeatherCat.
::	h). Power fails will be emailed if email is enabled in WeatherCat.

: 7.  AppleScript: added the following properties: 
::			&lt;property name=&quot;CO21&quot; code=&quot;CO21&quot; type=&quot;real&quot; description=&quot;Returns the current CO2 sensor 1 value in parts per million (if fitted)&quot;&gt;&lt;/property&gt;
::			&lt;property name=&quot;CO22&quot; code=&quot;CO22&quot; type=&quot;real&quot; description=&quot;Returns the current CO2 sensor 2 value in parts per million (if fitted)&quot;&gt;&lt;/property&gt;
::			&lt;property name=&quot;CO23&quot; code=&quot;CO23&quot; type=&quot;real&quot; description=&quot;Returns the current CO2 sensor 3 value in parts per million (if fitted)&quot;&gt;&lt;/property&gt;
::			&lt;property name=&quot;CO24&quot; code=&quot;CO24&quot; type=&quot;real&quot; description=&quot;Returns the current CO2 sensor 4 value in parts per million (if fitted)&quot;&gt;&lt;/property&gt;

: 8. AppleScript: WeatherCat AppleScript interface version goes to 6 (WeatherCatASIFVers).

: 9. Data export speeded up a little.

: 10. Removed the OpenWeatherMap service. 

===V2.2.3 - 19th December 2015 ===

: 1. Updates for 10.11.2
: 2. NOAA style report: Fixed an issue where the hour of the daily high wind could be one hour later than actual.
: 3. NOAA style report: If daily high wind is 0, report no time of occurrence.

===V2.2.2 - 18th October 2015 ===

: 1. Addresses a stability issue on OS X 10.11.
: 2. Fixed an issue whereby monthly low would be wrong on NOAA style annual report.
: 3. Fixed an issue whereby journal entries were not being saved.

===V2.2.1 - 19th September 2015 ===

: 1. Maintenance update for OS X 10.11
: 2. Fixed two potential crashes.

===V2.2.0 - 13th July 2015 ===

: 1. Added a quit check (Preferences-&gt;Advanced-&gt;Quit Check). Disabled by default. If enabled, we now need to be told twice in 5 seconds to quit (otherwise the shut down is aborted). The normal shutdown process is unaffected in that we will still wait for the user definable delay for shutdown scripts and still wait if a backup or restore operation is in-progress after the shutdown check. 

: Note, if enabled, this feature will cause an error to be returned to any AppleScript trying to quit WeatherCat ('User Cancelled') on the first quit command. To quit WeatherCat from an AppleScript, handle the error in your script and tell it to quit twice - for example:

: tell application &quot;WeatherCat&quot;
:: 	try
::: 		quit
:: 	end try
:: 	try
::: 		quit
:: 	end try
: end tell

: 2. Added a 'Save All' button to the NOAA reports window. This is useful if you wish to generate a complete set of reports from your database or you have changed something which would affect all historical reports (heating degree days base temperature for example). This will save all NOAA style reports to disk (overwriting any existing ones). This processing can take a while so is carried out as a background task. Task start and end are reported in the WeatherCat log window along with how long the task took to run. 

: 3. Sylvester.
: Sylvester, a companion application for WeatherCat, integrates with the Twitter account on your Mac to post weather data at predefined times throughout the day to Twitter

: Each tweet is defined by a template - there may be an unlimited number of templates. 

: Each template is made up from one of the following WeatherCat tags:
: t12$ - time in 12 hours format
: t24$ - time in 24 hour format.
: de$ - date in the format d/my
: da$ - date in the format m/d/y
: STAT$ - any stat tag that can be processed by WeatherCat including TIME specifiers.

: Each template also has a list of tweet times associated with it, these times are defined to a resolution of one minute (i.e. a maximum of 1440 possible times per day). By default, 4 templates are provided - an hourly and 3 daily templates. You can add to, edit and delete the default templates. You can also save and load the templates as sets (Tools menu).

: Usage:
: Make sure you have a Twitter account configured on your Mac. Launch Sylvester and select the account you wish to post to. Hit the 'Start' button then at the predefined times, the relevant tweet will be made.

: To edit a template, double click it. To add or delete templates, hit the relevant button.

: Note: Sylvester requires OS X 10.9 or later and a 64 bit processor. 
: Note:  If Sylvester is found in the same directory as WeatherCat it will launch (as hidden) when WeatherCat launches and quit when WeatherCat quits.


: 1. Added 'DELTACHAR' as a type specifier to the STAT$ tag which is the same as DELTA1 but rather that returning the numerical value of the 1 hour delta returns one of the following characters: '↑↗→↘↓' which represents &gt; 3 units,  &gt; 1.5 units, between 1.5 and -1.5, less than -1.5 and less than -3 units respectively (encoding is UTF-8 if accessed via the AppleScript interface). Note for pressure, the units for this comparison are millibars irrespective of the user set units. 

: DELTACHAR arrows are translated in custom web processing to one of three arrows, up, right or down. Detail: if the value is rising by 1.5 units or more per hour then &amp;uArr; is output. If the value is falling by more than 1.5 units or more per hour then &amp;dArr; is output, otherwise &amp;rArr; is output. 


: 1. WeatherCat's AppleScript interface version (WeatherCatASIFVers) now returns 5 (Pegasus was 4)

: 2. Added QueryResultString to the AppleScript interface which will return a string indicating the result of a query.
: For example:
: tell application &quot;WeatherCat&quot;
:: 	set Query to &quot;STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:TODAY:TIME$&quot;
::	set result to QueryResultString
: end tell

:result will contain a string representation of the time of the occurrence (formatted as per WeatherCat's user settings)

: 3. Added 'PrecipUnits' to the AppleScript interface. Returns 0 if mm's, 1 if inches.

: 4. Added 'TemperatureUnits' to the AppleScript interface. Returns 0 if Centigrade, 1 if Fahrenheit.

: 5. Added 'WindSpeedUnits' to the AppleScript interface. Returns 0 if km/h, 1 if MPH, 2 if knots, 3 if m/s.

: 6. Added 'PressureUnits' to the AppleScript interface. Returns 0 if mB, 1 if inHG.

'''WeatherCat Client'''

: 1. Added dock icon weather display (settings in the preferences). Version changed to 1.5.0.

'''Other Changes'''

: 1. Fixed an issue where heat index average in year over year statistics may be incorrect.

: 2. Fixed an issue where SNOW in STAT$ tag was displayed to 2 decimal places instead of 1. 

: 3. Fixed a potential hang at the end of an export.

: 4. Removed the 'send times and how to turn off' text from forecast emails.

: 5. WMR200 - we now catch and correct for rain drops (both when running live and historical download).

: 6. WMR200 - if the dates on the records from the logger are obviously wrong (i.e. the date/time hasn't been set on the console), we will now display 'x of 0' records to be downloaded during a historical download (as we can't calculate how many there are to come from the timestamps).

: 7. Added a 'Once Per Hour' option to the speech preferences (Units/Misc 1 pane). If ticked, the weather will be spoken on the first sample past the hour (rather than on every sample).

: 8. Improved pronunciation of 'millibars' for English speech.

: 9. Re-instated update notifications (Preferences-&gt;Units/Misc 1). Enabled by default.

:10. The WeatherCat client has moved in the distribution to the 'Companion Applications' folder. Sylvester can also be found here.

===V2.1.0 - 3rd April 2015 ===
:: 1. Added NOAA style reports - Tools-&gt;NOAA Style Reports.
::: Monthly and Annual NOAA reports are saved to disk at ~/Documents/WeatherCatNOAAReports/. The monthly report is updated every sample, the annual report is updated hourly on the first sample past the hour. The report is saved as a simple text file (.txt).
::: A 'Save' button on the NOAA reports window will save the report currently being displayed to disk at ~/Documents/WeatherCatNOAAReports/ (folders will be created for the year/month if they do not exist).
::: The extreme high and low temps for NOAA reports can be set in the 'Advanced' pane of WeatherCat's preferences (defaults are a high of 90°F/32.2°C and a low of 0°F/-17.7°C).
::: See Custom Web section below for NOAA related tags.

:: 2. Added a Weather Facts editor (Prefs-&gt;Misc 1-&gt;Weather Facts Editor. 
::: Facts can be added and deleted. In addition, the currently running facts can saved and loaded allowing the creation of sets (you might for example have a set for Christmas, seasons of the year and so on).

:: 3.  Added heating degree days and cooling degree days as optional items in the year over year statistics. (Preferences-&gt;Misc 2). Individual base temperatures can be set for both heating degree days and cooling degree days in the preferences (these temperatures also affect HDD's and CDD&quot;s on NOAA reports). 

:: 4.  Added a generic XML based station driver. This connects to your server via HTTP and expects to read the real time weather data as an XML document.

::: In the I.P. field of the Station Communications window in WeatherCat enter the URL to the document - typically something like

::: From the XML document received, the following keys will be decoded:
::: AirTemp_C, IntTemp_C, T1_C, T2_C, T3_C, T4_C - External, internal and 4 additional temperature sensors (°C)
::: RH, IntRH  - External and internal relative humidity (0-100)
::: Solar - Solar radiation (W/M^2)
::: UVIndex
::: Barometer_hPa - barometer in hecto-pascals
::: WindSpeed_ms - windspeed in m/s
::: WindDirect_deg - wind direction in degrees
::: Rain_mm - rain in millimetres - can be accumulating rain or daily rain

::: The format of a data item in the document should be of the form:
::: &lt;value&gt;
::: &lt;name&gt;item name&lt;/name&gt;
::: &lt;data&gt;item value&lt;/data&gt;
::: &lt;/value&gt;

::: for example:
::: &lt;value&gt;
::: &lt;name&gt;RH&lt;/name&gt;
::: &lt;data&gt;52&lt;/data&gt;
::: &lt;/value&gt;

::: Notes:
::: 	1. The weather server is polled every 3 seconds.

'''Custom Web:'''
:: 1. CustomWeb - added 'STNOAAMO$' which is replaced with the current NOAA monthly report (Note: preformatted text, needs PRE and /PRE tags) 
:: 2. CustomWeb - added 'STNOAAPRMO$' which is replaced with the NOAA monthly report for the previous month (Note: preformatted text, needs PRE and /PRE tags) 
:: 3. CustomWeb - added 'STNOAAYR$' which is replaced with the current NOAA annual report (Note: preformatted text, needs PRE and /PRE tags) 
:: 4. CustomWeb - added 'STNOAAPRYR$' which is replaced with the NOAA annual report for the previous year (Note: preformatted text, needs PRE and /PRE tags) 
:: 5. Added 'HEIGHTUNITS$' custom web tag which will return either 'Metres' or 'Feet' (without the quotes) depending on the units selected by the user.
:: 6. CLOUDBASE can now be used with the STAT$ tag to return the current cloud base - for example:
:: Note: Will only work with CURRENT.
:: 7. WINDROSE8$, WINDROSE8(PERIOD)$, WINDROSE45$ and WINDROSE45(PERIOD)$ custom web tags now return non-localised output. i.e. decimal points are always the '.' character.

:: 1. Apple Script: WeatherCatASIFVers goes to 4 (Rocinante was 3).
:: 2. Added SunriseTime - this will return the sunrise time for today as a localised string.
:: 3. Added SunsetTime - this will return the sunset time for today as a localised string.
:: 4. Added DaylightTime - this will return the daylight time for today as a localised string.
:: 5. Added FTPOverdriven - this will be true if any of the FTP queues are full (else false).
:: 6. Added RunCustomWeb - writing true to this property will start a custom web run.
:: 7. Apple Script: Added two new properties to the Apple Script interface,  Query and QueryResult. These two properties allow the processing of STAT$ tag type queries via the Apple Script interface - you  place a query and then read the result (Note: does not support the TIME specifier - access to values only).

::: Example: 
::: tell application &quot;WeatherCat&quot;
::: 	set Query to &quot;STAT$TEMPERATURE:AVERAGE:YESTERDAY$&quot;
::: 	set result to QueryResult
::: end tell

:: These can also be used from synthetic channel functions.

:: Note that QueryResult will return a sentinel value of -1000000 if there's an error with the string passed to Query.

:: 1. It is now possible to send internal temperature and humidity. Tick-box added to the Wunderground settings. Off by default.
:: 2. It is now possible to log the sent packets to the console log. Tick-box added to the Wunderground settings. Off by default.

:: 1. Turned off all smart editing features in a synthetic channel edit box (smart quotes for example).
:: 2. It is now possible to change the font size as used in the statistics window between 8 and 12 - default is 10 (was 9) (Preferences-&gt;Units/Misc 1)
:: 3. We will no longer show solar radiation on year over year statistics if the station in use is an Instromet.
:: 4. It is now possible to add STAT$ tags to the banner generator (banner generator goes to version 1.5.0). Note that it is possible to embed the tag in other text - for example: 
:: 5. Added a cream base for custom gauges.
:: 6. Snow in year over year stats now displayed to 1 decimal point (d.p.) for all units (used to be 1 d.p. for metric and 2 d.p. for imperial).
:: 7. Wind direction type custom gauges will now rotate through 0° when rotating around the top of the gauge rather than taking the long way round.
:: 8. Snow entry now limited to 1 decimal place (was 2).
:: 9. Added a hidden preference, 'WindChillWindType' This tells WeatherCat what wind variable to use for calculating wind chill for logging. 0 is the default and calculates wind chill from the average wind speed, 1 tells it to use the current wind speed and 2 tells it to use the largest gust speed seen over the sampling period. 
::: For example entering the following into the terminal:
::: defaults write com.trixology.weathercat WindChillWindType -int 2
::: tells WeatherCat to use the maximum gust seen over the sample period for the windchill value to record.
:: 10. Fixed an issue where the time for historical data between 00:00 and 01:00 in the WeatherCat controller would display as 24:xx (if time display was set to 24hr mode)
:: 11. Fixed an issue where barometric pressure and rain data on WeatherCat controller would display strange values until the first sample of the data came in after midnight (if units were inHg and inches respectively).
:: 12. Fixed bug on wind run custom gauge where values of 360 would be displayed as 0.

=== V2.0.2 - 28th December 2014 ===

:: 1. Fixed a crash that could happen on WMR 928/968 if the serial to USB driver did not open.

:: 2. Added support for Instromet MetPlus stations.
:: '''Notes:'''
::: 1. The sun sensor is digital - this is wired up to the Solar channel within WeatherCat - if the sun is shining, the solar channel will be set to maximum (1800W). 
::: 2. The temperature 2 input can be configured as wet-bulb, internal temperature or Aux. Temp 1. If wet-bulb, external humidity will be calculated from wet-bulb and external temperature. Setting the temperature 2 input to either 'Internal temperature' or 'Aux. Temp 1' will use the humitter as external humidity (if fitted). If not fitted, external humidity will not be valid. (Tools-&gt;Station Hardware Options)
::: 3. When calculating humidity from wet-bulb temperature, a barometric pressure of 1013mb is assumed if the barometer is not fitted.
::: 4. The optional barometer, if not fitted, will read 1000mb.
::: 5. Internal humidity will always read 50% - it may be possible if wet-bulb and humitter fitted to use the humitter as internal humidity in a later release.
::: 6. Data-logger - records are downloaded 2 at a time. Can be configured down to 1 minute logging period. (Tools-&gt;Station Hardware Options)
::: 7. Toggling the ‘Synchronise clock’ tick-box off and on will cause the station clock to be set to the current computer time.

:: 3. Fixed a potential crash as sampling time.

:: 4. WeatherCat client update (V1.3.2) to fix a bug whereby external humidity would be invalid if the internal humidity was invalid.

:: 5. Documentation update.

=== V2.0.1 - 15th November 2014 ===

:: 1. Custom gauges no longer have a translucent background.

:: 2. Updated German localisation courtesy of Reinhard Unterwurzacher.

:: 3. Custom gauge web-tags should now work on OS X 10.7.5 – previously a blank image would be rendered.

:: 4. Added support for WeatherCloud (Preferences-&gt;Online-&gt;Additional Services).

:: 5. Fixed an issue whereby a version warning would be logged when WeatherCat launched on 10.10 or later.

:: 6. Snow in year over year stats will now not count for dates prior to the date of the first snow entry.

=== V2.0.0 - 26th September 2014 ===

:: 1. Added Custom Gauges (Tools-&gt;Custom Gauges)

:: 2. Added snow support (Tools-&gt;Daily Snow Editor).

:: 3. Added synthetic channels (Tools-&gt;Synthetic Channels)

:: 4. Added a WMR-88 station driver. Supports additional temp/thermo sensors, rain bucket area multiplication (Tools-&gt;Station Hardware Options) and short forecast . Note station hardware code sent to CWOP is for a WMR-100. No historical download support as the WMR88 does not have a logger.

:: 5. Added rain bucket area multiplication to the Oregon Scientific WMR200 (Tools- &gt;Station Hardware Options).

:: 6. Historic download progress window now shows time remaining for download from logger.

:: 7. Custom alerts can now use any channel available on your hardware. In addition synthetic channels can also be used in custom alerts.

:: 8. The Current Conditions Calculator now accepts up to 3 clauses per rule allowing rules such as 'Warm but windy' or 'Cold rain/sleet' etc.

:: 9. Plugins now remember their visibility state across reboots of WeatherCat.

:: 10. The Banner Generator is now built into WeatherCat as an internal plug-in (older versions found externally will be ignored).

:: 11. The WeatherCat Controller window is now resizable and the date entry field has been replaced with a graphical date picker. Dragging the hands of the analogue clock allows the data to be scrubbed forward and backwards in time. The background image of the window will change depending on whether the date/time being displayed is night-time or day-time. (Requires coordinates and location are set correctly in WeatherCat's preferences).

:: 12. Sunrise/sunset will no longer display in the WeatherCat Controller window if the location has not been set in WeatherCat's preferences.

:: 13. Additional on-line services have been moved from the Tools menu to a new tab in the 'On-Line' tab of the preferences (Additional Services). (SDK update required).

:: 14. Added 'Daily Types' - these are custom day types displayed in the 'Year Over Year' statistics; for example a 'Wind Day' might be a day where the wind run is greater than 100 miles. Day types are specified in the Misc 2 pane of WeatherCat's preferences via the 'Set Day Types' button.

:: 15. Added averages to the year over year statistics for each month of the year and the yearly totals if there is more than one year displayed.

:: 16. Humidex custom web tags now display to 1 decimal point.

:: 17. Data restore mode is now 'Safe Mode' - to get into this mode, launch WeatherCat and hold down the control key immediately it starts launching. In this mode, no plugins are loaded (station drivers or additional tools), no data is loaded and weather related processes are not running. You can restore your data from a back up (using WeatherCat's backup manager) or use the synthetic channel manager to edit channels. When done, quit WeatherCat.

=== V1.2.4 - 21st December 2013 ===
:: 1. Mac OS X 10.9 compatibility update
:: 2. Latest Italian translations courtesy of Federico Paoletti.

=== V1.2.3 - 24th October 2013 ===
:: 1. Mac OS X 10.9 compatibility update

=== V1.2.2 - 22nd October 2013 ===
:: 1. Mac OS X 10.9 compatibility update

=== V1.2.1 - 28th July 2013 ===
:: 1. WeatherBug: If a sensor is missing or data is invalid we will not upload the data (the protocol doesn't allow us to omit the data).  The WeatherBug status will read 'Data not ready - waiting...' in this case. We now also send monthly and annual rain.
:: 2. Fixed an issue with log window time-stamps. If WeatherCat was set to use the 24hr clock, between the hours of 0 and 1, time-stamps in the log window would display as 24:xx. It'll now display as 00:xx.
:: 3. The SQLDriver will now log yearly and monthly rain to the SQL database when running live

=== V1.2.0 - 14th July 2013 ===
:: 1. Fix WH3080 hardware code to CWOP.
:: 2. WeatherCat Client update for heat index. Also note, this client is Intel build only - 10.6 or later required.
:: 3. SDK update for V1.20.
:: 4. Latest German resources thanks to Reinhard.
:: 5. We now throw an error on email test if there isn't at least one email address to send to. 6. CWOP update for version 4 servers - we now send TCPIP rather than TCPXX.
:: 6. Added a 'DOTSEPARATORS$' custom web tag. This tag is important if you run a non- English version of WeatherCat - it switches off localised decimal separators whilst processing STAT$ tags across a page. For example if the result of a tag is normally something like '13,6', with this tag in effect the output will be '13.6'. This is handy if you know the output is going to be machine parsed and the script doing the parsing doesn't understand localised decimal separators. This tag may appear only once on a page, it can be placed anywhere and stays in effect for the whole page.
:: 7. Fixed a bug where STAT$ tags calculating average AT_US, AT_AUS or HUMIDEX returned incorrect results if temperature units were set to Fahrenheit.
:: 8. On a new install, imagery for location 1 is now off by default.
:: 9. Heat index will no-longer calculate below 80°F - the formula used is not accurate below this value.
:: 10. Maximum data logger periods for both 1080 and 3080 Fine Offset stations is now 59 minutes.
:: 11. Fixed an issue where internal temperature/delta and heat index/delta values as entered into the test window were not being sent when testing a custom alert.
:: 12. Added an OpenWeatherMap plug-in. (Tools-&gt;OpenWeatherMap). Sign up at, enter your name and password (as you entered them when you registered on OpenWeatherMap) into the tool and hit the 'Start' button.
:: 13. Added a PWSWeather plug-in. (Tools-&gt;PWSWeather). Sign up at, create a station then enter your station ID and password (as you entered them when you registered on PWSWeather) into the tool and hit the 'Start' button.
:: 14. Added a MySQL driver plug-in (Tools-&gt;SQLDriver). This tool can upload your weather data to a MySQL database opening up a world of applications not previously available to WeatherCat - charting and analysis for example (e.g. High-Charts, JpGraph, GraPHPite, pChart and so on).
:: Features: Auto-import of initial data. Uploading of historical data. Variable rate upload frequency depending on data (fast for wind, slower for other data), resolution down to 1 second.
::: '''Details:'''
::: The database must exist - WeatherCat will not create it. Four tables are created and maintained in the database - one for wind (WindData), one for common variables (WeatherData) and one for extra sensors (ExtraData). An additional table is maintained for maintenance reasons - do not edit this additional table (_WeatherCatPrivate).
::: If WeatherCat detects the database is new (i.e. has no tables), it will create the tables then import all of your existing WeatherCat data. The period of the data when uploading historical data can be set in the tool - the default is 5 minutes. Thereafter, data will be uploaded to fill in gaps (for example when WeatherCat isn't running or the database server is not available).
::: When running in real-time, the wind data can be updated faster than the other data (down to 1 second) - this is handy if you have a station which updates wind data faster than other data (Davis Vantage or Vue for example). The other data is updated at a user settable multiple of this period.
::: If you wish to reset the database, stop the SQLDriver, drop all four tables (using something like phpMyAdmin), then start the SQLDriver again - it'll re-import your weather data.
::: '''Notes:'''
::: 1. If your database is managed via CPanel, be sure to enable external connections from your I.P. address (normally via RemoteMySQ)
::: 2. Verbose errors are logged to WeatherCat's log window. On error, the SQLDriver will wait a second or two before retrying the transaction.
::: 3. SQLServers can block repeated unauthorised attempts to access. If your passsword is wrong, or there's some authentication problem, do not repeatedly keep hitting the 'start' button, or leave authentication errors repeat. If this does happen to you, the error reported in WeatherCat's log window should tell you what you need to do to unblock yourself.
::: 4. The initial import to a new database can take a very long time. For example, importing 6 years worth of data (Vantage with extra channels) from a MacMini to a Synology 1512+ at the default 5 minute intervals took ~ 60 minutes at approximately 250KB's per second. For your entertainment, a progress bar and percentage complete are displayed during this time. Weather data collected by WeatherCat during initial import or 'hole filling' will not be lost.
::: 5. At the end of the initial import or uploading historic data, the SQLDriver will switch to real-time logging.
::: 6. If the initial import or uploading of historic data is interrupted, it will resume when the SQLDriver is next able to make contact with the database.
::: 7. The period of historic data uploads is read when the upload is started - if you want to change the period during an upload, hit the 'Stop' button, change the period then hit the 'Start' button.
::: 8. The time field in the database tables is in U.T.C.
::: 9. The data size reported in the tools' window is not the database size - merely the number of bytes transmitted to the server. Typically this is far greater than the actual data size in the database.
::: 10. Imagery is not uploaded to the SQL server.
::: 11. When running with live data, the minimum, average and maximum transaction time is logged in the window - these values can be reset with the small 'R' button.
::: 12. The SQLDriver requires WeatherCat 1.2.0 build 600 or later.
::: 13. Tested with MySQL 5.1.49. Should work with other versions of MySQL - the minimum MySQL version in theory should be 4.1 (not tested).
::: 14. Uses the MariaDB SQL connector - source code and Xcode project for this plug-in can be found at
:: 15. Fixed issue in WeatherCat API method to return the localised display value of a given channel. It was as returning one decimal place for additional precipitation and ET channels if units were set to inches (should have been 2). This affected plug-ins displaying these channels - i.e. Banner Generator. Affected channels were monthly rain, yearly rain, daily ET, monthly ET and annual ET.
:: 16. If station communications have failed for longer than 20 minutes, all FTP processing will halt until station communications are resumed.
:: 17. Added a WeatherBug uploader (Tools-&gt;WeatherBug).
:: 18. Added a Met-Office WoW uploader (Tools-&gt;MetOfficeWoW). Notes: 1) Soil moisture is uploaded from soil moisture sensor #1. 2) Soil temperature is uploaded from soil temperature sensor #1 (soil temperature appears as grass temperature on WoW site). 3). The Met-Office recommends upload intervals of at least 15 minutes (which is the default on a new installation) - WeatherCat will allow down to 1 minute intervals should the Met- Office recommend more frequent uploads in the future.
:: 19. Added CPS$ custom web tag which is replaced with the current potential solar energy based on location and date/time. Uses the Ryan-Stolzenbach model with an atmospheric transmission factor of 0.8. Note it is not at all unusual to see the measured solar reading exceed the potential solar energy as the sensor measures not only direct radiation but also indirect radiation.
:: 20. Fixed an issue where STAT$AVERAGEWINDSPEED:MAX would return the maximum gust speed.
:: 21. Fixed an issue where stats for additional temperature type sensors was returning unconverted values.
:: 22. Added stats for the following additional channels: T1 through T8 (extra temperature sensors 1 to 8) H1 through H8 (extra humidity sensors 1 to 8) LW1 through LW4 (leaf wetness sensors 1 to 4) SM1 through SM4 (soil moisture sensors 1 to 4) ST1 through ST4 (soil temperature sensors 1 to 4)
:: These can be used with the STAT$ tag as per other variables - for example to find the maximum soil temperature this year:
:: or
:: etc.
:: 23. The hourly data for these additional sensors can now be graphed on custom graphs - i.e. min/max/average, line or bar types.
:: 24. Data Export (Tools-&gt;Data Export) - new implementation. Exports can be created manually or automatically on a daily basis.
:: Two types of export are available - weather data or hourly data. The weather data is exported at the period specified, the hourly data consists of hourly minimum, maximum and average except for accumulated precipitation which is the total accumulated for the hour. All data is converted to user units. The file format of the exports is .csv, which should open in any spreadsheet software.
:: Convenience date selectors are available (today, this year, etc.), custom ranges can be created by clicking the calendars to set the 'from' and 'to' dates. If the date range doesn't make sense, the export button will be greyed out. The export period can be set for raw weather data (i.e. every ten minutes). To export a particular day, select the same date on both calendars.
:: The channels that are exported are determined by the sensors fitted to your station.
:: Daily exports can be selected to run automatically (this feature is off by default). Auto- exports are stored in ~/Documents/WeatherCatExports/year/month/HourlyData and WeatherData (where ~ is your home directory). A daily export will run at the first opportunity - WeatherCat doesn't need to be running around midnight for the export to be processed (for example if WeatherCat is off for the night, the export for yesterday will happen when it's launched in the morning).
:: 25. Fixed a bug in WH3080 driver where an invalid block on historical download would result in a solar reading of 1800W/m^2.

=== V1.1.5 - 29 March 2013 ===
:: 1. Fix a potential crash on 10.8.3 whilst sending data to C.W.O.P.

=== V1.1.4 - 17 February 2013 ===
:: 1. Added support for WH3080 stations - these are the Fine Offset stations with solar and u.v. Note: The console can display solar radiation in watts per square meter but this display reads low by a huge factor. WeatherCat corrects this. Because of this correction, the solar radiation displayed and recorded by WeatherCat will not match the solar radiation as displayed on the console. The solar radiation as displayed by WeatherCat has been verified against the solar radiation as measured by a Davis Vantage (sensors in same location).
:: 2. WMR200: Fixed a crash that could occur on start-up.
:: 3. WMR200: Fixed an issue where additional channels may be missing from the first few samples on historic download.
:: 4. Fixed a long-standing bug that could cause a spike on graphs at the start of a month.
:: 5. Fixed an issue that could cause email to hang on some systems.
:: 6. Scaling improvements when multiple humidity channels are present on a custom graph.
:: 7. Tag additions/changes
::: a. Added MAXGUSTDIR(PERIOD)$ custom web tag. This is replaced with the wind direction at the time of the maximum wind gust over the period. PERIOD can be any time period accepted by the STAT$ web tag. For example: MAXGUSTDIR(TODAY)$ 
::: Can be combined with STAT$ tags to find speed and time - for example:
::: b. Added MAXGUSTDIRTEXT(PERIOD)$ custom web tag. This is exactly the same as MAXGUSTDIR but the output is localised text, rather than degrees.
::: c. Added a DUTC$ custom web tag, this outputs the current UTC date and time formatted as: yyyy,M,d,H,m,s - for example '2013,1,24,19,50,57'
::: d. Improvements to DOMWDDEGREES$ and DOMWDTEXT$ tags - we now use a sector based calculation.
::: e. Added DOMWDDEGREES(PERIOD)$ which calculates the dominant wind direction over a given time period, where PERIOD can be any period accepted by the STAT$ tag.
::: f. Added WINDROSE8(PERIOD)$ and WINDROSE45(PERIOD)$ web tags. Replaced with a list of 8 or 45 wind rose values (starting at north and running clockwise, every 45 degrees or 8 degrees) over the period specified by PERIOD which can be any period accepted by the STAT$ tag.
::: g. Added WINDBEARINGFROM10$ custom web tag which is replaced with the lowest wind bearing recorded in the last 10 minutes rounded down to the nearest 10 degrees.
::: h. Added WINDBEARINGTO10$ custom web tag which is replaced with the highest wind bearing recorded in the last 10 minutes rounded down to the nearest 10 degrees.
::: i. Added AT_AUS (apparent temperature (Australian variant)), AT_US (apparent temperature (U.S. variant)) and HUMIDEX as variable types that can be used with the STAT$ tag. These types are currently limited to time periods that extend no further than 1 year in the past. 
:::: Examples:
:::: STAT$AT_AUS:CURRENT$ (STAT$AT_AUS:DELTA1$) is replaced with the current apparent temperature (Aus) and the 1 hour delta.
:::: STAT$AT_US:MAX:TODAY$ TEMPUNITS$ at STAT$AT_US:MAX:TODAY:TIME$ is replaced with the highest apparent temperature (US) recorded today and the time of the high.
:::: STAT$HUMIDEX:AVERAGE:LASTMONTH$ is replaced with the average humidex for last month.
::: j. Added COMMSFAILFLAG$ web tag - this is replaced with 0 if the station comms are good or 1 if the comms have failed (hardware fail or stale data).
::: k. Fixed an issue where numbers in STAT$ tag results were not localised.
::: l. Changed BD$ web tag (build info) to always output a non-localised decimal point. 
::: m. Added BDL$ which will output with a localised decimal point. 

=== V1.1.3 - 12 January 2013 ===
:: Fixed an issue that could cause FTP to crash if passed an invalid path.
:: Mac OS X 10.8.3 compatibility update.
:: Added LLat$ and Llong$ custom web tags which are replaced with the station latitude and longitude respectively. These coordinates are displayed as degrees, minutes and seconds. Note that the seconds will be different to the coordinates entered into WeatherCat as WeatherCat needs the coordinates in degrees, minutes and hundredths of a minute (i.e. LORAN format).
:: Added Lelevf$ and Lelevm$ custom web tags - these are replaced with the station elevation in feet or metres respectively.
:: Added AT_US$ custom web tag - replaced with the current apparent temperature (US version) -
:: Added AT_Aus$ custom web tag - replaced with the current apparent temperature (Australian version, non solar) -
:: Added HUMIDEX$ custom web tag - replaced with the current humidex (Canadian version) -
:: Added DOMWDTEXT$ custom web tag - replaced with the dominant wind direction today as text (i.e. ENE), localised.
:: Added DOMWDDEGREES$ custom web tag - replaced with the dominant wind direction today as degrees.
:: Added WINDROSE8$ custom web tag - replaced with a list of 8 wind rose values (starting at north and running clockwise, every 45 degrees).
:: Added WINDROSE45$ custom web tag - replaced with a list of 45 wind rose values (starting at north and running clockwise, every 8 degrees).

=== V1.1.2 - 28 December 2012 ===
:: Fixed a crash that could occur with WMR200 and WH1080 stations on start-up.
:: Added a DAYSAGO() function that can be used as a time period specifier with the STAT$ custom web tag. This can be used to query data from a given day in the past – for example DAYSAGO(2) is the day before yesterday.
:: Added Internal Humidity as a trigger for custom alerts.

=== V1.1.1 - 22 December 2012 ===
:: Added Fine Offset WH1080/2080 support. This station is sold under a variety of brands including Maplin (N96GY), Ambient Weather, Conrad, Clas Ohlson, Watson (W-8681) and others. For more information on this station, please visit our wiki page: 
:: WMR200: Fixed an issue whereby UV would indicate as invalid when it should be valid.
:: WMR200: Fixed an issue whereby the historical download window would stop updating after 5 minutes (the download continues and completes).
:: Latest Italian translations courtesy of Federico Paoletti.
:: Documentation update.

=== V1.1.0 - 12 December 2012 ===
:: Added Oregon Scientific WMR200 support.
:: Added calibration (Preferences-&gt;Misc 2).
:: Added an SDK (see separate  [ download] )
:: Added daily backups (Tools menu).
:: Added Wd$ macro (wind direction) that can be used with custom alert emails.
:: Printing improvements - it is now possible to print all basic graphs and the current daily and monthly reports.
:: Plotting style of basic wind direction graph is now settable to one of line, shortest path or dots (Preferences-&gt;Misc 2)
:: Data export rewritten. It is now possible to export all raw data as a .csv file which should open directly in most spreadsheet software.
:: Tag additions:
::: Added SINCE9AM as a period parameter that can be used in the STAT$ tag - example:
::: Added an HRS(x) function which can be used as the period parameter in the STAT$ tag, This function specifies a time period in hours from 'now' - examples.
:::: Highest temperature in the last 24 hours = STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:HRS(24)$TEMPUNITS$ at STAT$TEMPERATURE:MAX:HRS(24):TIME$&lt;BR&gt;
:: FTP re-architected to increase upload speed, reduce the number of connections and reduce latency of time sensitive data.
:: Holding down the 'ctrl' key whilst scrolling graphs and imagery via the WeatherCat Controller buttons now accelerates the scrolling.
:: Vantage VUE stability update.
:: Various bug fixes.
:: Documentation update.

=== V1.0.2 - 15 July 2012 ===
:: Compatibility update for Mac OS X 10.8 GM
:: Heat index will now calculate below a relative humidity of 40.

=== V1.0.1 - 30 June 2012 ===
:: Mac OS X 10.8 compatibility
:: Added optional shutdown delay to wait for scripts that are being closed
:: Updated localisations
:: Stability improvements

=== V1.0.0 - 6 May 2012 ===
:: Initial release</rev>