Apple Airport Time Capsule 802.11ac Port Forwarding

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Setting up port forwarding on the Apple Airport Time Capsule 802.11ac

Open Airport Utility

Select the Airport Time Capsule and click on the Edit button

Select the Network tab

Make sure the Router Mode is set to DHCP and NAT

Underneath Port Settings select the + sign to add a port

Description: WeatherCat

Public UDP Ports: 49250-49254

Public TCP Ports: 49250-49254

Private IP Addess: Enter the local IP address of the Mac on which WeatherCat is running (See Note below)

Private UDP Ports: 49250-49254

Private TCP Ports: 49250-49254

Click on Save button

Click on Update button

Airport Time Capsule.png

Note: The local IP address of the Mac hosting WeatherCat should be a static IP on your network. If you allow DHCP to dynamically set your local IP address, it could change over time when you have to reboot, which will break the forwarded ports. Use the DHCP Reservations feature in Airport Utility | Network to reserve a static IP address for your host Mac.

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