Errors resulting from not having all instruments connected to ISS station: comms are "Bad - Check Installation (0.00%)"

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A number of WeatherCat users have attempted to start collecting data from a Davis Vantage Pro-2 station that does not have all instruments connected. The most common case is a station that doesn't have the anemometer connected because of the additional difficulty involved in placing the anemometer at sufficient height to collect good data. If you attempt to run your Davis station without all instruments connected, you'll see the WeatherCat status page looking something like this:

WeatherCat with VP-2 instruments missing.png

WeatherCat will collect and process data from the other instruments correctly. However, because one of the instruments is not connected, there are sensor errors that equal or exceed the number of data points collected - resulting in the 0% good data displayed on the WeatherCat status page.

Obviously, the solution is get all your instruments hooked up and operational. If you must run in this sort of condition be aware that WeatherCat will report this sort of error even if the data collected is good from the available instruments. You may find more information on this situation in this thread on the WeatherCat forum:

WeatherCat showing station comms as "Bad - Check Installation"

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